Success Stories

Hear From Some of Our Clients

I laughed the other night. I mean a deep down full bellied laugh. Had to step out of the room because every time I looked at that person, I laughed even harder! I haven't done that for years. But thanks to Paula, her patience and guidance with Yoga, and her constant reminders that life is short and we are supposed to enjoy life, not just live it, I can finally appreciate the little things in life and live again.

Candy G.

For most of my life, I knew there was a way to be fully happy, but I just could not ever reach that feeling-there was always some sort of void. The curiosity of how I can be fully content in life and not be stressed and worried always consumed my thoughts. I met Paula through yoga (which she taught) at my work place and then later learned she was a certified Wellness Coach; I was very eager to learn more. It didn't take long for me to drop my guard and also understand what she was teaching me because she is so easy to relate with. I now truly believe that I am capable of a happy fulfilled life and a life where stress and worries do not control me. I am capable of being healthy and feeling healthy and I now KNOW the feeling of pure happiness. Which, all lies within yourself and how you feel. Thank you so much Paula for teaching me that I myself held this ultimate gift! I highly recommend Paula to anyone who feels they are struggling on their journey in life.

I also wanted to share that since we started on my journey to optimal health a month ago I am down 7.5 pounds, WAY less bloating and swelling issues, have lost 4 inches off of my waist line, 7.5+ inches all around my body, crave healthier foods, sleep well, have more energy, and just so much happier! It isn't ALL about the weight loss for me it is definitely how much better I feel, but it turns out the outside is starting to match the inside of me and that is pretty darn exciting. This is just the first month or so... Cannot wait to continue on this journey!

Thanks Paula!

Erica S.

My initial reasons for hiring Paula turned out to be the very minimum of what she uncovered for me. The depth to which the truth unfolds is not determined by the mind, but by the soul. Paula created an environment that allowed the guard to drop and the mind to calm so the body could reveal what was needed. What pure joy and relief it was to truly listen for the first time to my inner voice. Learning to love and take care of my body came naturally after that.

Thank you, Paula, for leading me to the trail-head of my true self. No more grasping at life to try and keep up. You showed me how to travel at my own pace.

Nancy R.