Meditation Services in Mitchell, SD

The technique of meditation is to keep the mind fully occupied on one thing. When the mind is fully occupied on one thing, it is kept away from many things and becomes quiet. Then you can find a kind of calmness, and in that stillness, even that one thing will slip away after some time.

Concentration should culminate in meditation. Meditation should slowly make you slip into Samadhi. Which you can call the transcendental level. In Samadhi, you transcend the mind and body and enjoy your true nature.

When you reach the depths of yourself you will find contentment. This happens by knowing your true self. And you can take this peace and sense of joy with you throughout your day.

Preparing your body for meditation is another important factor. In meditation you are trying to keep the mind steady and one-pointed. To do that you must begin with the body. Try to keep the body steady also. This is possible only when you make a firm decision that you are going to be as relaxed as possible in a gentle loving way until you finish the meditation.

The moment the body hears this decision it will obey you, the decision has to be very strong. The emphasis that you put on it will be heard by every cell of your body.

Once the mind is deeply interested in the meditation you will be able to forget the body. A calm, slow and steady breath will keep the mind very calm.

Through Hatha Yoga, Pranayamas and deep relaxation you get the body ready for meditation. Allowing the body to be rid of toxins, anxiety and restlessness will help the mind, body and breath to be calm; bringing forth the peace that resides in everyone, including you.

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